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I’ve been absent for the last year from the lives that i love
I’ve been hiding away. I’ve been a nervous wreck,
because I keep fretting and strumming, coming up too short
For nothing i do will every make myself content

But i keep putting tension on my chest
I keep putting deadlines on my desk
I keep setting out what i expect but maybe cannot achieve
Nonstop is the pressure that i press on me

But i try to calm down. I try to give it a break.
I try to give myself time, but there’s only so much i can take
Because I still get nervous. I still get very ashamed
I still act like i got dealt the worst hand in the whole game

Really the worst of all of my days
was due to my heart getting carried away
so maybe my problems are all self-made, but they’re made so well
Nonstop is the craftwork of my self assembled cell

and it feels so tense
like a fist at my hip clenched
like a lip zipped in defense
against a kiss dismissed

I got nerves of wire
I got thoughts of worn-out tires
Nothing of me is on fire
I’m running dry on old desire

all i want to do is read and write and run
and occasionally have some fun
but i’m always trying to get something done
in a nervous fit at a violent pace

Why do i feel i got something to prove
And nothing i do ever seems to soothe
the painful need to improve upon my mind and my work

Oh how i long to drift in the sea
and let my cares float far from me
instead of working meticulously on my sorry art

Nonstop is the trepidation of my heart


from NONSTOP, released August 2, 2012


tags: pop Nashville


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Yer Heart! Nashville, Tennessee

Yer Heart! is a rising pop star from Nashville TN who believes in your ability to be an amazing human being .

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