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released December 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Yer Heart! Nashville, Tennessee

Yer Heart! is a rising pop star from Nashville TN who believes in your ability to be an amazing human being .

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Track Name: AT DAWN
In the cold January Air
In the waxing of the moon and new year
In the backyard In the black dark
shedding tears

And from din inside my mind
and with each word so poorly designed
to contain the volumes inside
to convey to each frightened eye

my hopeless confession of love
my quivering i've given up
and my impetuous attack
and my heavy breath as i turned back and ran away

and for hours crying in my bed
feeling nothing but all but dead
I'll just be laying waiting for you to call
I'll just be laying waiting for this winter to thaw and dissolve

then at dawn
the sun
came out

and i started to run out my door down the sidewalk
I started to run past the corner convenience store
I started to run with the sunrise beside me
farther than i've ever gone before

I started to run past this place i'll escape soon
I started to run faster past each house
I started to run not away from my problems
but toward ways to work them out

I started to run in the direction i'm heading
letting all of these spectres in the light to fade
I'm sure this moment i will not be forgetting but
it's just a moment that will pass away

I started to run past the sleepy suburbs
I started to run through the course of events
that led to my endearment of your every action
that led unto my passion so rash and intense

Oh i should have seen that you never held to me
You just did not push me away
these most impressive lessons are full of disaster
the one thing i know is how to learn from mistakes

Oh and maybe you weren't meant for my love
but baby i was meant for someone like you
If nothing else now i know what i'm looking for
when i'm looking for beauty and truth

and i started to run past the cemetery
my shadow stretched out a hundred miles long
across the rows and rows of fallen ones
and everything they've done

i stopped and i stood and looked over the forest
saw the dawn breaking out through the trees
I knew it's still going to take some time but i know
i can push through this eventually

I probably won't stop loving you a long time
I'll probably sit in my room all winter long
but burst from eclosion's explosion in spring time
just a thousand times more strong

I'm trying to find some hope in this hopelessness
listing reasons to live in this listlessness
not dense enough to think this is it
that'd be pissing on my existence's soul
Track Name: RESTART
I've been putting this off for such a long time
The wrong lines are all i ever manage to manifest
seems i'm strangled with tangled chords and tongue tied
and every note seems to scream, "hey buddy give it a rest"
so now all i want to be is outside
because we all look so much better in the sun
and its dumb to think your done when nothing's begun

i've been filling my time filing to-do lists
they climb as trees whose canopies blot out the sun 'fore it sets
and i've been wondering how does anyone do anything
i'd say that i had lost it if i thought i'd even gotten it yet
but then i remember tender memories of good friends
and how the sweetest people think such sour thoughts of themselves
and hopefully i'm half as foolish as they are and
hopefully its never half as bad as it seems it is.

*you hurt and you heal you rip and you mend
you love and fuck up then you break when it ends
you're too afraid to die to try to live
you stop you restart you fall you get up again*

I remember thinking everything was hopeless
but now i'm so full of hope that i can't remember why
i remember thinking i would never love again
but now i know i was so wrong that i wish that i was right.
so darlin' don't even start to say your done yet
and dear you ain't dead you just keep falling asleep
and sweetie surely we all fall in these melancholy moods
but baby maybe it isn't the end of everything


I lost too many quarter parts off my cartoon heart
now i have to find a life and restart.

No one wants to be born when they're born
It's not something for which you're warned
We are carelessly flung into life by our parents

No one wants to grow up when they grow up
I wish i could forever not give a fuck
and play in the creeks and mud and sand and trees like when I was young.

No one wants to be told the things we're told
No one wants to feel controlled
the only thing we can do is ignore them.

No one wants to stay in the same place
doing the same thing every day
when there is such a big world to see

No one wants to fall in love when they fall in love
I wish i could stay far away from that stuff
but sometimes you cannot help the way you feel about someone

No one wants to grow old when they grow old
No one wants to sit in their home
and rot until they die and lay until they're gone.

Nobody wants to die when they die
Everybody screams and they cry
And what else could that imply
Except how beautiful is life.
Track Name: LIKE IT'S A SONG
Our tales they are told and not bound like a book
I mean our spines don't bend or break in the time it takes or took
to say what a page displays that don't fade out but fade, fade, fade
Just like mist overtop of mountains in my home
or the lines inscribed on perspired windows
But i swear that your traces hold traces of you
breathe warm and deep and all will be anew.

*What was will be then all along
Sing your whole life like it's a song
To remember that moving's not moving on
Sing your whole life like it's a song
Don't get scared when all you held is gone
Sing your whole life like it's a song
Hold what you have, have no fear, do no wrong
Sing your song*

So strong are the ties that are tied to the ones
That we hold in our hearts, that we love and belong
And so long since we said, "so long" to them,
But can't you see you can see 'em in
Every photograph and video
Of every bike-nite ride and punk rock show
And every memory you are sure to find
In every corner of your mind

And you'll know that they're left there and not behind


And i swear you'll find a way
To make your disposition play
this position of your days
longingly when you're away

I'm gritting my teeth with the heat from the steam of a washing machine
I'm seeing parallels between ceiling fans and my arms
Like images of high speed trains or time lapsed photographic frames of stars

And i'm moving and doing the same thing so much i'm a solid shape
I'm just a wooden vessel buried underground
Emptied out and knocked upon responding with despondent hollow sounds

And a move to west might be for the best if that's what you want
But i know i didn't change with my scenery
I thought the pollen in the air would fill my nose and grow something new inside of me

But the meaning of life is the meaning of a lightning bolt
It's just a flash then a crash and it don't last all that long
And a random static synapse in the clouds selects the ground it lands upon

(And oh my mother i don't think i'll ever uncover)

*Why, Why, Why must we fumble with our time
Like a tumultuous tide only to
Die, Die, Die. Is there no lesser price to pay?
Is there no simpler way to say that you're alive?*

In a common correspondence with a friend of mine
He asked what i was on the night of halloween
Said i was drunk and dangerous, cantankerous and just a sight to be unseen.

But i swore the day before i was the sunlight
Busting through the clouds in a dozen brilliant beams
Speckling the cityscape like a rustic silhouetted canopy

And i thought what would desire
If i knew i would not expire
And where to would i run and what from would i stray
If there was nothing that i loved and no reason to be afraid.

So i'm learning and growing and knowing of my own impermanence
And i'm trying my hardest not to let it bring me down
And spending every waking moment waking up and making joyous sounds.

(Ba-ba-ba Ba-Barbaranne, some days I feel like i'll understand)

*Why, Why, Why we must not waste our time.
To sit inside is like suicide if we all
Die, Die, Die. There is no lesser price to pay.
There is no simpler way to say that you're alive.*

So if you're free tomorrow let's go ride down grassy hills
on the cafeteria trays that i stole
So we'll not lose our grasp when our present is our past
For we'll have another memory to hold

And as a needle moves around across the record's grooves
The friction manifests its hidden sounds
And so are our lives that are so well quantified
By the altitudes of our ups and downs

And if you build your coffin make it out of wood from trees
You used to climb on or around when you were young
So if death doesn't make you die, then for all time you can lie
On something more familiar to the touch.
Track Name: H.A.V.E.F.U.N.
*Have fun! all the day all the night all the time
Have fun! if you feel that you're failing, then fight to
Have fun! even when you get filled up with fright
Don't give up you're not done

Have fun! every single second of your life
Have fun! if you like feeling like feeling fine then
Have fun! with every mote of your might
If you know what is right
then you know that it's time to
Have fun!*

I don't want to sit inside and let the sun
Slowly make its arc until the day is done
I just wanna jump and scream and climb and run
and have fun (x4)
Throw all of your cares away because today's the day
that we make a way. If you got a problem
We will make it okay
We will laugh and sing and dance and play and


We will overcome
Our obstacles will be overrun
By us and everyone
Who we love and who love us
We will seize the day
It will not escape
Die or decay
Or fade away
We stand with our brothers and sisters
There is no one not of us or with us
So join with me on the count of 1, 2, ∞!

*double chorus*
Track Name: ART'S A JOKE
This is not a pipe or a bomb or a bike or a psalm
It's just a way
To siphon explosive emotions that feel
So impossible to say
without some paint or a poem
or a guitar to get artistically inclined
When the feeling of feeling a being is revealing
the feeling that i find. When i find that

Art's a fucking joke. I just wanna make out with someone
But here i am again singing a song

So every ambient band and abstract art fan understand
and then insist
That what grows in a mind can be shown, but I just
want somebody to kiss
And then to grow like a garden in our back yard of a farm
house on a field
Because love is a crop that can never be stopped
In its harvest's potential yield

And art's a fucking joke. I just want to touch and hug and kiss.
These are so many sensations sorely missed.

Holding your head in a bed with the strands in my hand
well it can't compare.
To a novel about all the collagen in
All the follicles of your hair
And i was not built for paint to be spilled
Over canvas in chaotic design
But designed for a complement, what an accomplishment
If i finally find
The yin to my yang and the biggest of bangs
Fatalistic final goal
All expressions of this are secondhand existence
All else is without soul.

Art's a fucking joke, I just want to never be alone
And have a human being to call a home.
I used to get scared
I used to get astoundingly aware
Waking late at night to nothing there

But now all day i sleep with percussion in my lungs
Like a stick run along a raspy ladders rungs

That descends from head to throne, a skeletal xylophone
Just like a cage to keep an animal alone.

As if through liquor winter's soothed.
As if though drinking aged like wine.
Placing blame as if my bones were my own design.

And i am feeling older than the sum of my heartbeats
and I am feeling colder than the weather's ever been.
And i am feeling weathered and eroded and then
Polished to a gem
But oh my lord, a heart's a hard thing to please

Once upon a telephone 3000 miles to my home
I realized just how much I had grown

As i said just give her time, everyone will normalize
What awful light now shines behind these eyes?

But if a struggle makes us strong
Pain is just the seed we sow
And if plants could feel it would hurt them to grow

So if you are not who you were
Remember no one stays the same
Remember books don't feel the turning of a page.

So I am feeling younger than the age that I will see
And i am feeling stronger than i was the other day
And i am feeling reinforced and tempered and then
Sharpened to a blade
But oh my lord, a heart's a hard thing to please

And i am feeling every muscle tense and split in three
And i am feeling time go through in just a note
And i am feeling frightened and excited and
Smashed into a pulp
And i am feeling every hardship's outcome is that
I become more whole
But oh my lord, a heart's a hard thing to please
Track Name: FOR THE BEST
I dunno where to go when i'm stuck inside and
too excited to do anything that i need to
and i'm not sure what colour to paint the walls
to get me feeling better when i'm feeling blue
and i can't say why this switch is so severe
when i'm up i'm floating when i'm down i'm underground.
I can't recall why i fall when i'm feeling unmeasurable
and when i'm miserable i can't remember hearing the sounds

of singing songs on the porch of my old house
when all my friends and i would drink and dance the night away.
i could hear 'em from my bedroom in the basement
blurring the border between tomorrow and yesterday.
Now i'm so far away, waking in a cold sweat.
Now i'm so far awake, shaking in the terrors of night.
Now i'm staring at the ceiling feeling like i am sinking
from drinking in every single speck of spackle within my sight

Hey! I don't know why I don't know
I can't say why i can't say
But i hope i hold some hope
so one day
for all that is right, with all i have left,
i can take a turn for the best

Telephones, televisions, tell em' turn it off
this is the most distracting time to be alive
so much to do, so much to see, so much periphery
so much that it is too much to take in at one time
so i'm certain that i'm overburdened with potential
and its so much harder when its so easy to lay in bed
instead of learning, reading, doing, growing like i should
there's a million too many things inside of my head

i've gotta wake, i gotta make and take some chances
its so much better to mess up than to do nothing at all
but that's a losing argument when i get listless and this
is the reason why i've become so afraid to fall
but i am tough enough to to rough through all of these obstructions
we are resilient a billion-fold of what we believe.
we're capable and able to be better than we ever thought
step into the sunlight and lucidly exceed our dreams.


Oh my dear everything there is
How can i hold you in my life
How could i swim in all your springs
When time is so very rarely ripe

But i'd like to try with all my might
that i might not die before my doom
and grow a mind more like the sun
and then to rise just like the moon

but i'm always second guessing
or just dumb struck stuck obsessing
it'd be best if it were less pressing
or if i could find some help

Inside of myself I beat the blood through my body
inside of myself I beat my brains to their blue
inside of myself there's a lot that frightens and hides when they sense anything move
and inside of myself sometimes i still miss you
And i can't do nothing else
because like the whirlwinds that hide in shells
I am a world inside myself.

and every hour fleets like a ghost
and every place is just a pain
and every person that i've kissed
is the part of some god awful game

but every day it's not that bad
and every day the sun will rise
and every day i will push past
and very soon be left behind

I'm a freight train pressing westward
burning coal and belching steam
but I am but a tiny speck of dust
that's full of every living thing

Inside of myself sometimes it's so overcrowded
Inside of myself it's often lonely as hell
there's a deafening resonance like a single ringing bell
and inside of myself it's such a lazy tempest
i just keep exploding to no avail
And like the whirlwinds that hide in shells
I am a world inside myself

I need a friend that i can call with my problems
I need a love to pacify my mind
I need to change my own damn self into
someone they might like

I need a good six months all full of travel
i need another two of just nothing to do
I need a few more years before I have to
fit into such a larger pair of shoes

I need to stop thinking everyone i know hates me
I need to stop hating everything that i make
I need more action without nervous planning
I need to stop each day and say

*I will survive
all the while
I'm alive*

Really what was all my reason for fretting
I mean, life is such a magnificent act
I know we all got our reasons for regretting
But at least we can still look back

At the honeysuckle caves of my youth
At my high school crush all dressed in blue
At all my friends across this country
Even when i'm locked inside my room

And hey, I might have a ton of time left
to kiss and cry and laugh and live
and sure it sure takes a hell of a lot out of you
but there's so much it has to give

And I will receive all that life has to offer
And I will sing loud every part
And I will find some purpose in living
and a home in someone's heart

And I'm gonna be scared every second
I'm gonna feel like i can't prevail
but when your strong's all gone and your song's all wrong
you should stand real tall and yell