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This is a four part pop epic about despair, overwhelming obstacles, the sun, the persistence of existence, hope, the ocean, unlimited potential, and the appreciation of life and all of its travails.

A line in the second song ("All I want to do is read and write and run") is a stolen and mangled line from the Tenderbear song, "O Sweet University."

This EP is dedicated to my friend Ricki Dawn Uselton, who was one of the few people who loved pop music as much and in the same way as I do. She will be impossible to replace in this world. We gotta keep strong and movin' on.

Here's a Mediafire link just in case the bandcamp free downloads run out.


released August 2, 2012


tags: pop Nashville


all rights reserved


Yer Heart! Nashville, Tennessee

Yer Heart! is a rising pop star from Nashville TN who believes in your ability to be an amazing human being .

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Track Name: NONSTOP PT. I
When was the last time time lasted the length of
at least half of a week of the to-dos of today
and the burden you bore versus the resolution sworn

But i’ve seen the sun on the shoreline horizon
circumscribing the curvature of the earth.
And in that circumference, I felt I felt the planetary mass and it

NONSTOP i’m amazed
by the way that all things behave and
NONSTOP is the warmth of the sun
but i know stars do fade
and I too will have my day
but i’m NONSTOP until i’m done

It gets harder and harder with every advancement
the height of the climb climbs to the threshold of fear
and sometimes you get stuck like a statue. You cannot bare to dare to grasp the last groove

I’m lapping my sister in lifetime every fortnight.
and the less for it to show is such a heavy hurt to hold
in the deafening dark in the densest depths of a human heart

NONSTOP i’m dismayed for reasons i can’t explain
NONSTOP is the dark of the night
And though i know the sun will rise, it’s hard to convince myself sometimes
NONSTOP i repeat, "Everything will be alright!"

There are places in space that we cannot explain yet
There are thoughts in our minds that I don’t think we ever will
But although there's impossibility, nevertheless we

We must cast the nets of hearts into the ocean
just like a grapeshot blind-fired at the head of a pin
We live with our sin, we spin and we spin as

NONSTOP i’m afraid of what i am made
And NONSTOP is what i may become
And though there have been days when i wanted to walk away,
I’m NONSTOP from now on
Track Name: NONSTOP PT. II
I’ve been absent for the last year from the lives that i love
I’ve been hiding away. I’ve been a nervous wreck,
because I keep fretting and strumming, coming up too short
For nothing i do will every make myself content

But i keep putting tension on my chest
I keep putting deadlines on my desk
I keep setting out what i expect but maybe cannot achieve
Nonstop is the pressure that i press on me

But i try to calm down. I try to give it a break.
I try to give myself time, but there’s only so much i can take
Because I still get nervous. I still get very ashamed
I still act like i got dealt the worst hand in the whole game

Really the worst of all of my days
was due to my heart getting carried away
so maybe my problems are all self-made, but they’re made so well
Nonstop is the craftwork of my self assembled cell

and it feels so tense
like a fist at my hip clenched
like a lip zipped in defense
against a kiss dismissed

I got nerves of wire
I got thoughts of worn-out tires
Nothing of me is on fire
I’m running dry on old desire

all i want to do is read and write and run
and occasionally have some fun
but i’m always trying to get something done
in a nervous fit at a violent pace

Why do i feel i got something to prove
And nothing i do ever seems to soothe
the painful need to improve upon my mind and my work

Oh how i long to drift in the sea
and let my cares float far from me
instead of working meticulously on my sorry art

Nonstop is the trepidation of my heart
O, my lofty aspirations seem to climb to the clouds
and shift their shapes until i can no longer make them out.
I wish i had the indolence to shoot them down,
because life’s a bowl of berries on grass covered ground

But I’ve seen myself rise up in the midnight moment.
And i’ve seen fortuitousness when all was hopeless.
But this time i feel like i really might not make it.
I’m torn and i’m broken. I’m lost and i’m shaken to the core
(kneeling on the worn wooden floor)

O, I know i truly have the strength to persevere.
I’ve survived after the moments when the worst was near
I’m capable and composed. I have rosined my bows
and all my troops are at arms; they wait for the word from my throat

And then explode into a moment of magnificent defense
against the ocean of opponents that I'm pitted against.
And sometimes their throngs will crash down in torrents and waves
and I will fall under their pressure and be washed away.

But I’ll get by and I'll make strides to the shore.
Every moment’s but an opening door

Nonstop we’ve got the rhythm inside.
Nonstop we are the living alive
Track Name: NONSTOP PT. IV
There’s a sun coming up over the ocean.
There’s a calm coming to all this commotion.

And know i don’t know what in the world gave me the notion
to rock the boat. I just want to rock and roll, baby!

And I don’t know Why I once thought I could never succeed.
How in the hell could i ever fail when life is a lovely melody

So sing it out. Sing it loud. Sing with all of your might.
The only time you have to sing is all the time you’re alive

Which ain’t too terribly long. We gotta stay strong and movin’ on.

Nonstop is the pain we must bear in this life
Nonstop is the dread in the dead of the night
Nonstop is the joy that tomorrow could bring
Nonstop all along is the song we gotta sing

Nonstop is the roar of the thunder and lightning and the times when life gets exciting
Nonstop is the depth of sea and the depth at which sorrow and seep in
Nonstop is the sand in the hourglass, but it’s crucial to not let the hours pass
With nothing to show for it, You just got to go for it
I know that you know it, Don’t blow it, just blow it now

Nonstop is the pain we must bear in this life
Nonstop is the dread in the dead of the night
Nonstop is the joy that tomorrow could bring
Nonstop is the song all along we must sing

Nonstop is the reach of your grasp and you know
Nonstop is the weight of what you can hold
Nonstop is the force you are pushing against
but nonstop’s the support that is working with you

Nonstop is the pain we must bear in this life
Nonstop is the dread in the dead of the night
Nonstop is the joy that tomorrow could bring
Nonstop is the song all along we must sing